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When a tooth is chipped by a minor dental trauma, accident, or a bad habit like using your teeth to open a package, it might not cause discomfort. Yet, you should not let this lack of distress lull you into thinking the tooth is perfectly fine.

As time goes by, miniscule pieces of food matter and bacterial residue could become trapped in the damaged area of tooth enamel. These areas can be difficult to clean from brushing alone. In time, this could even come to foster a dangerous area of tooth decay.

In the case of a small chip, the damaged tooth enamel might be repairable with a standard filling made from amalgam or composite resin. If the damage to the tooth enamel is too extensive to be repaired by a filling, Dr. Brian Scaffmight recommend having the entire enamel layer of the tooth replaced with a crown.

If you have multiple chips on the teeth in your smile, our dentist might recommend having porcelain dental veneers cemented over the faces of these teeth. This can help improve the overall quality of your smile, while also treating the chip.

If you live in the Austin, Texas, area and you’ve recently suffered a minor dental fracture, you should not delay in calling 512-792-2688 to have it repaired at Dr. Brian Scaff.