Get a Whitened Celebrity Smile In Austin Today!

Get a Whitened Celebrity Smile In Austin Today!

Have you ever envied a celebrity with a radiant smile and wondered how you could have pearly whites just like theirs? Well now, Dr. Brian Scaff and team here in Austin can help you out!

Celebrities have jobs that require them to be in the spotlight constantly! They go to great lengths to whiten their smiles and keep them radiant. Even when they’re off screen, taking care of their teeth is a huge priority. So, it’s our guess that most celebrities opt for the upper-end whitening solutions with professional whitening services. It’s likely you’ll never hear about movie stars using over-the-counter whitening strips or gels, simply because they want the most brilliant results!

Dr. Brian Scaff and team at Dr. Brian F. Scaff understand that you’d also like to see brilliant results. And fortunately, we can help you achieve that ‘celebrity smile‘ without spending the celebrity price.

From now through June, we’re partnering with Discus Dental (makers of professional teeth whitening products) and the Smiles For Life Foundation to professionally whiten people’s teeth WITH 100 PERCENT OF THE PROCEEDS GOING TO CHILDRENS’ CHARITIES. Your donation will go to charities that help children here in Austin and throughout the world.

Click the button on the right to make your appointment at Dr. Brian F. Scaff today, or call us at 512-258-9130. With our help, you’ll love your beautiful smile and feel just like a celebrity! And you’ll be helping kids at the same time!