Financing and Insurance

Do We Accept Your Dental Insurance?

While we are considered “out of network,” most insurance companies make reimbursements according to their payment schedules. Some policies require you to go to a dentist (frequently a clinic) on their list, but most allow you to choose your own dental office. We think this is an important choice. Sometimes there might be a little more out-of-pocket expense for an out-of-network office, but we have seen several cases when out-of-pocket expenses have actually been less with our office because of our conservative treatment approach. If you are not sure if you can go to an “out of network” provider, we encourage you to contact your dental insurance company. If you need help figuring out your coverage, we are happy to help too!

We generally ask for payment of the expected patient portion at the time services are rendered. We will tell you the approximate amount prior to your appointment so you can know upfront, and any difference will be reimbursed or billed after insurance payment has been fully processed. As a courtesy, we file insurance claims for you and try to get the proper reimbursement in order to maximize your benefits. If you are looking for the cheapest dental care you can get, then we are probably not the office for you. However, if high quality and customer service are important factors in your choice of a dental office, we provide all that with reasonable, fair fees.

No Insurance? No Problem!

We accept cash, checks, debit and most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). We also accept Flexible Spending and Health Savings plans. Additionally, we offer payment plans because we understand that they can help patients fit the cost of dental treatment into their budgets.


Dr. Scaff’s In Office Dental Savings Plan

  • 12 Month Contract
  • Individual Plan age 13 and over…$420
  • Individual Plan age 12 and under…$320
  • No Enrollment Fee
  • No Waiting Period
  • No Deductible
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Included
  • No Pre-Existing Condition Limitations
  • Dental Savings Plan Includes:
    • 2 Healthy or Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings
    • Periodontal Cleanings receive a 20% Discount
    • 2 Exams
    • X-Rays
    • Topical Fluoride Ages 16 and Under
    • 20% Discount Off All Other Services

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Payment Plans

We first try to work with your budget in our office, but we also have some outside long-term financing options to accommodate your needs, including LendingClub and CareCredit®. With LendingClub and CareCredit®, you can finance 100% of your treatment with no upfront costs, no pre-payment penalties, and no annual fees. LendingClub and CareCredit® allows for revolving payments with a variable interest rate and up to 12 months of 0% interest! We can work out longer terms if needed.

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