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Did you know that oral cancer is found in tens of thousands of new people every year in America? Although it can be treated with limited success, success often relies on finding the disease quick enough before it has a chance to run its course. Keep oral cancer at bay by looking for these signs and symptoms:

– Look for visible signs of facial irregularities, including irregular or abnormal colored and speckled patches, bumps and lumps, and eroded areas with your gums.
– Numbness or irregular pains within the facial area may be a sign of an underlying disorder.
– Abnormal bleeding from your mouth often could be a sign of oral cancer.
– Constant sore throats and pains in the back of your throat could be indications of something more severe, including signs of oral cancer.
– Sometimes, wounds that do not heal quickly in your facial area could be signs of oral cancer.
– Other changes within your smile that could be caused by oral cancer include drastic weight loss, changes in your teeth’s alignment, and issues when speaking or eating.

For any additional questions or concerns, Dr. Brian Scaff is here to help you with all your oral cancer screening needs. For a complete diagnosis from Dr. Brian Scaff and our team at our dentist office in Austin, Texas, you can schedule a screening by calling us at 512-792-2688. We look forward to having you as our guest soon.