Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry for a mouth ulcer in Round Rock and Cedar ParkWe are happy to offer the amazing technological benefits of laser dentistry to our Austin, Round Rock, and Cedar Park patients. We use laser dentistry to treat mouth ulcers, periodontal diseases, and other soft tissue problems (soft tissues meaning lips, gums, and cheeks).

We also use our dental lasers for cavity detection with Diagnodent® laser technology. Because identifying and filling cavities are two of the most basic, important services we provide, we use Diagnodent® laser technology.

This laser technology precisely detects tooth decay in its early stages, often before it can be recognized by other means. Being able to detect the decay early means we can offer a far more conservative treatment when we fill in the tooth than we would be able to if the cavity had been detected later.

One of the most satisfying aspects of this type of laser dentistry is that there are no x-rays, which is especially beneficial for children or people with sensitive mouths. Finally, this laser dentistry technology has evidence that it is over 90% accurate!

laser dentist for treating a mouth ulcer with an Austin dentist near Round RockConvenient Mouth Ulcer Removal Services In Austin

There are many benefits of using laser dentistry. One of these benefits is that dental lasers can treat and disinfect mouth ulcers effectively. A mouth ulcer can be very painful. When treated with a dental laser, pain relief is almost immediate. The whole process takes a remarkably short time, a mere four to six minutes!

Another benefit to the laser dentistry process is that using a dental laser can quicken your healing time, eradicating or minimizing inflammation when you are suffering from a mouth ulcer.

Dental lasers can also help if you’d like the reshape a gummy smile. Because dental lasers work so well on soft tissue, the process also makes trimming extra gum tissue a snap. You can expect very little bleeding and minimal discomfort.

We are very happy to offer laser dentistry and other services to our Austin, Round Rock, and Cedar Park patients. Call today and let us tell you more about this amazing technology!