Oral Cancer Screening

Catch Mouth Cancer In Its Early Stages At Our Austin Office

Cedar Park dentist, Dr. Brian Scaff does not want to scare you, but we would like to educate you about oral cancer, sometimes called mouth cancer. There are some important statistics we want to share with you.

oral cancer screening with Vizilite in Round Rock and Cedar Park

  • Every day in the US, 100 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer.
  • Every hour of every day, a person dies from mouth cancer.
  • After adding in laryngeal throat oral cancer, a subcategory of mouth cancer, about 12,000 additional oral cancer cases are diagnosed each year.
  • Too often, mouth cancer isn’t detected or diagnosed until it is in the late stages, which is why there is a mortality rate of about 43% five years after diagnosis.

With these statistics in mind, you can understand the importance of having regular oral cancer screenings.

Who is at Risk for Oral Cancer?

While tobacco and alcohol use are primary lifestyle risk factors for mouth cancer, surprisingly, 27% of mouth cancer victims do not use tobacco or alcohol or have any other lifestyle risk factors. Additionally, men tend to be at a much higher risk than women, especially over age 45.

Oral cancer screening is an effective and painless procedure, and one we can accomplish right here at our Austin office near Round Rock. These screenings are the key to early detection and timely treatment.

The Good News

general dentistry to detect mouth cancer with an Austin dentist near Round RockOral cancer is actually curable in 80-90% of cases when it is caught soon enough, which is why we provide oral cancer screenings for early detection of mouth cancer.

We screen for oral cancer to help preserve your health. During exams, we look for soft tissue abnormalities that can turn into mouth cancer.

We make thorough and high-quality work part of our commitment to you. We genuinely care about you and your loved ones, and we will do all we can to keep you healthy for a long, long time. Oral cancer screenings and education in proper oral and dental health are part of that commitment.

If this information has you worried, please know that we simply want to ensure your good health. We care!

Of course, we also do all we can to empower you and educate you to let you decide on your own treatment. We will partner with you in all your dental needs in the Cedar Park, Round Rock, and Austin area. Call today about ViziLite Plus oral cancer screening!