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Six Month Smiles® in North Austin

It’s no secret that an attractive smile can help make a good impression, boost confidence, and just feels great. Teeth that need to be straightened can keep smiles closed up tight. Fixing them with traditional braces is time-consuming, painful, and unattractive; now there’s a wonderful alternative with Six Month Smiles®!

Couple with beautiful smilesWhat Is It?

With Six Month Smiles®, a patient can get the beauty of straight teeth without the pain and hassle of traditional metal braces. It’s a treatment made for adults and older teens who want straight teeth and a beautiful smile faster. There are no unattractive, painful metal brackets and wires to see.

The system uses clear braces with plastic brackets and tooth-colored wires that are virtually undetectable. Take photos without having to hide traditional wires! There’s no cutting or scarring of the gums either like a person might get with metal braces. And, best of all, no painful tightening appointments.

How Does It Work?

The Six Month Smiles® system is different. Instead of having a dentist tighten the wires, the tooth-colored wire is formed to what a patient wants the end result to look like. The wire does the rest, gradually straightening your teeth.

Six Month Smiles® is the only company that allows wearers to use clear aligners along with the plastic buttons and wires. Their invisible aligners are barely visible, made from Zendura®FLX™. Flexible and tooth-shaped, they fit comfortably, no matter what shape the tooth is. Metal brackets are also an option with Six Month Smiles®.

What to Expect

The first step in the process is to take a Panorex X-ray to look at the whole mouth. Next, the dentist will take extremely accurate impressions of the teeth. Dr. Scaff will discuss what goals and expectations a patient has before submission to the lab.

If everything is approved, it usually takes over a week to receive a custom system. A new tray is delivered every week or so, making the process more comfortable.

Six Month Smiles® lives up to their name. Patients can see results in an average of six months, which means a marvelous smile can develop in a remarkably short time!

More Questions?

Reach out to the friendly office staff who are here to answer any and all questions. Contact the team today to learn more or to book an appointment.

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