Six Month Smiles®

Six Month Smiles clear braces for Round Rock and Cedar Park

The Clear Braces Solution To Straight Teeth In Austin

Have you always yearned for a gorgeous smile with straight teeth but just can’t face putting on metal braces? Maybe you’ve heard that metal braces hurt and can take years to fix your teeth.

Let’s face it, traditional braces aren’t the most attractive things, either. So is it even worth getting straight teeth?

The answer is yes! With Six Month Smiles, you will get all the beauty of straight teeth without the pain and hassle of traditional metal braces.

The Six month Smiles Traditional Braces Method

Six Month Smiles is a treatment created for adults and older teens who want straight teeth and a beautiful smile in less time—without unattractive and painful metal brackets and wires marring their appearances.

Six Months Smiles are clear braces! These clear braces have plastic brackets and tooth-colored wires. When you see someone with a camera, you don’t have to run for cover anymore. You can smile your biggest smile, and the clear braces aren’t going to show up in the photo!

These clear braces do not have metal brackets or wires, which means there will be no cutting and scarring on your gums during the process of getting a beautiful smile.

Six Month Smiles live up to their name. Patients can straighten their smiles in an average of six months. You can develop a marvelous smile with straight teeth in a remarkably short time!

The Six Month Smiles method also utilizes a different system to give you straight teeth. Instead of having brackets connected to wires tightened by your dentist, the tooth-colored wire used in Six Month Smiles is formed to where your smile needs to be and gradually the wire straightens your teeth. There are no painful tightening procedures.

The Six Month Smile Invisible Aligner Method

Six Month Smiles Invisible Aligners are made with exceptional clarity and are barely visible close up or far away. They are fabricated using Zendura® FLX™ (similar to memory foam properties) with flexible and scalloped shaped materials that comfortably fit your unique teeth shapes which offer greater comfort during treatment.

Actual Six Month Smiles Patients

Patient Before Six Month Smiles In Cedar Park

Patient After Six Month Smiles In Cedar Park

Patient Before Clear Braces In Austin

Patient After Clear Braces In Cedar Park

For a quick, gorgeous solution and a smile with straight teeth in a short time, consider Six Month Smiles. For a system that won’t cut the inside of your mouth or require uncomfortable tightening procedures, consider these user-friendly clear braces.

We also offer additional aesthetic dentistry solutions, such as teeth whitening, to complete the beauty of your smile!

As with all of our dental treatments, we will partner with you to help you make an informed decision that is right for you. We care about your smile!

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