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If you and your family have been struggling to get a good night’s rest because of sleep issues such as sleep apnea and snoring, you aren’t alone. Countless families across the country and throughout the world deal with the negative side effects a bad nights sleep can have on living happy and successful lives.

If someone in your family is experiencing some of the following symptoms — or especially combinations of these symptoms — there is a chance that they may be suffering from sleep apnea or have a snoring issue that is causing them to sleep poorly:

  • Higher blood pressure.
  • Feeling lethargic, or less productive.
  • Gasping or wheezing during sleep.
  • Feeling less capable of handling stress, stressful situations, or even day to day activities.
  • Memory loss, or feelings of forgetfulness.
  • Frequent feelings of tiredness, even with a full nights sleep.
  • Feelings of unrest, and/or restlessness.
  • Suffering from mood swings and/or mood changes.
  • Nights of waking up frequently.

stop snoring and sleep apnea with an Austin dentist near Round RockSleep apnea is when someone stops breathing while they are sleeping for short periods of time. This pause in normal breathing can be as short as a couple seconds, or as long as around a couple of minutes. Regardless of length, the result is the same – a bad nights sleep. Snoring on the other hand can cause sleep to be interrupted as well, and even interrupt the sleep of those around you.

If you or someone in your family is suffering from sleep apnea, Dr. Brian Scaff and his team can work with you to examine the reasons behind it. We can provide you with a take-home sleep test (also known as a pulse oximeter) to help determine sleep patterns, so that you and your family can have a better idea of what you can do about this issue. If sleep apnea is present, our team can work with your physician to help you find a way to get your sleeping back on track.

If you have a snoring problem, our team can also work with you to help you stop snoring. Dr. Scaff knows that it can be difficult to stop snoring because it isn’t always simple, however, to help we offer snoring devices and appliances that can help you on your path to a snore free night.

Whether you are suffering from sleep apnea, or would like to stop snoring, we want to help. Have any questions about sleep apnea or snoring? Please contact us today at our office in Austin, even if you’re in the surrounding areas of Cedar Park or Round Rock.

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  • I have always been completely pleased with the services I have received. Dr. Scaff and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They are always very considerate and always want to hear your concerns. They are very good at addressing your concerns and coming up with solutions.
    —Jana D.
  • Dr. Scaff and his team are very friendly, caring and professional. I highly recommend him for all your dentistry needs.
    —Cory K.
  • My entire family have been patients of Dr. Scaff's for years. We wouldn't go anywhere else. The staff is awesome & Dr. Scaff is a super dentist. You always know exactly what is happening with your teeth. He's the best!
    —Matt F.
  • Dr. Scaff and his team are second to none. They are always professional, pleasant and mindful of individual needs. They are part of my family.
    —Deb M.
  • Great dentist. Very personable and professional. Fun staff. Best teeth cleaning I have had. More fun than a Dentist should be.
    —Ron A.
  • Dr. Scaff and his entire staff work hard to ensure your visit to their office is comfortable yet professional. He has been my dentist for many years and I would never consider dental work any where else.
    —Ralph P.
  • Honest, Professional, Quality Dentist. Great staff. Very nice office. Great with Children!! Prompt attention when you walk in the office.
    —David P.
  • Dr. Scaff and his staff always do an amazing job. They are welcoming every time I go in and very personable. They make each visit comfortable and pleasant. Keep up the good work!
    —Delanie S.

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