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To-Do List: Make A Teeth Whitening Appointment

woman smiling and touching her cheeksAnother North Austin summer is right around the corner and we all know what that means! We’re all trying to get back in shape to look our finest in preparation for a season of fun in the sun. We’re hitting the gym, getting a fresh summer haircut, and working on our tan. But many of us may forget to take care of what ties it all together — a teeth whitening appointment!

Nothing accompanies a summer tan more than a bright white smile and here at Brian F. Scaff DDS, we’re ready to help you look your best – and help children around the world at the same time.

From now until June (just in time for summer!) Dr. Brian Scaff and team are participating with the Smiles for Life Foundation and Discus Dental (makers of professional teeth whitening products.) Not only will you benefit by whitening this season, but also 100 percent of the proceeds help children in need.

While you prepare for this upcoming summer, go ahead and add teeth whitening to your ‘To-Do List’ by contacting our office today. And thanks for supporting our Smiles For Life efforts, so children can smile for life!

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