Emergency Dentistry

emergency dentistry for tooth pain in Round Rock and Cedar ParkNo matter how careful you can be, sometimes a dental emergency happens. When it does, it’s pretty scary! Emergency dentistry doctor Dr. Scaff and our caring, well-trained team are ready to help if you need assistance in the Round Rock or Austin area.

If you have a dental emergency or are suffering tooth pain, it’s best to let our emergency dentistry team near Cedar Park take care of it.

The Solution To Tooth Pain In Austin

Knocked Out or Broken Tooth

If you have a knocked-out or broken tooth, we recommend that, if possible, you bring the tooth to our office. Please consider the following advice.

First, holding it by the crown only (that’s the part you can see), rinse the tooth briefly with warm water. If possible, gently put the tooth back into the socket and bite down on something soft, like gauze or cloth, to hold it in place. If you cannot replace it in the socket, place it in a cup of milk.

Please come in as soon as you can, so we can perform emergency dentistry treatments. We are available to see you after business hours or on a weekend. Just call Dr. Scaff on his cell phone (512-750-0799).

Tooth Pain

In case of constant tooth pain or swelling gums, call us so we can see you right away for your dental emergency. Being one of our regular patients is a benefit, as it gives you access to Dr. Scaff on the weekends for your emergency dentistry needs.

If you are an established patient who is experiencing tooth pain or swollen gums, you can call Dr. Scaff on his cell phone (512-750-0799), even during the weekend.

Painless Chipped Or Broken Teeth

If you have a broken or chipped tooth but are not experiencing pain, please call our office the next day that we are open.

If an area of the affected tooth is rough and bothersome but there is no tooth pain, call Dr. Scaff on his cell phone (512-750-0799). He can give you several ideas you can try at home or provide other restorative dentistry options.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Injuries to gums, cheeks, lips, or tongue are all considered soft-tissue injuries. They can bleed heavily, even if it feels as if the injury wasn’t severe. The reason they bleed so much is because that type of soft tissue contains a great deal of blood flow.

To curb the bleeding, dissolve some salt in warm water and rinse the wound with this solution. Moisten a towel or gauze with water, and apply pressure for 15 to 20 minutes to the injured area.

To reduce swelling and stop any more bleeding, moisten a towel or gauze with very cold water and apply it to the outside of your mouth. If the soft tissue injury appears to be serious or you are bleeding profusely, stay calm. Keep applying pressure and go to your local emergency room.

A dental emergency can be pretty frightening, but we are here to help you with restorative dentistry, general dentistry, or cosmetic dentistry services.

If you are experiencing any of these oral health issues, call emergency dentistry dentist Dr. Scaff, who faithfully serves the Austin, Cedar Park, and Round Rock area. He will do his best to take care of you.