General Dentistry

general dentistry for dental hygiene with an Austin dentist near Round RockOur friendly, well-trained team in Austin are happy to be your favorite general dentistry home! We offer a wide array of services to ensure that we are caring for every aspect of your oral health. Find out how our office can tend to your needs!

Individual Consultations and Dental Exams

We take a personal interest in your dental health and dental hygiene as well as those of your loved ones. Treating your general dentistry needs is a high priority at our practice.

Dental Cleanings and Deep Cleanings

Helping your teeth stay clean and plaque-free is one of the many general dentistry dental hygiene practices we offer. That said, you can be confident that we will only suggest deep cleanings when we’re sure that they’re the best choice for your health.

Digital X-rays and Panoramic X-rays

Digital photographs of your mouth are included in your general dentistry exam. They allow you to see the conditions present in your mouth up close as we guide you through your diagnosis and dental health treatment options.

Good Dental Health Affects Overall Health In Austin Patients

Dental Sealants

One of the dental hygiene treatments we offer at our practice near Round Rock is a dental sealant. These sealants are painted onto your teeth to effectively and painlessly protect your teeth from decay.

Our sealants are even more beneficial to your dental health than ones you find elsewhere because we can offer sealants that use a more durable material than traditional ones.

Fluoride Treatments

Because your dental hygiene is so important to us, we are happy to be able to provide dental health-enhancing fluoride treatments. Our fluoride treatments are designed to keep your tooth enamel healthy and strong.

Custom Athletic Mouthguards

We care about our athletic patients and want to help them keep their teeth and mouths safe. Our custom athletic mouthguards can protect your teeth no matter what sport you play!

dental health services with a dentist near Cedar Park and Round RockDental Night Guards

A small, comfortable dental bite guard worn at night can work to reduce the intensity of jaw clenching and teeth grinding. This enables the muscles of your jaw, head, and neck to relax, alleviating bruxism and allowing you to find the relief you have always wanted from your headaches and/or jaw pain.

Ask us for more information at your next visit!

Oral Cancer Screening

For long-lasting dental health, we conduct oral cancer screenings, which can help us in identifying soft tissue abnormalities that can turn into oral cancer.

Call our office today! We want to be your general dentistry dental home in the Austin, Cedar Park, and Round Rock areas!