Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening to whiten teeth in Round Rock and Cedar ParkTeeth Whitening Services We Offer

If you are looking to whiten your teeth and keep them the whitest they can be, our two professional teeth-whitening treatments will be much more effective and less time-consuming than the typical over-the-counter teeth whitening products.

We offer the Boost tooth bleaching system by Opalescence. This system is available in our office and also comes in an at-home tooth whitening kit.

Boost Your Teeth Bleaching!

Boost can be a one-visit teeth whitening system that is great for busy patients who wish to whiten teeth quickly and effectively! The tooth bleaching agent we use is the most important element of the process.

Before the teeth whitening procedure, a barrier is applied to protect the gums. After this minimal preparation, a teeth-whitening gel is applied to each tooth. Then we shine a specialized light onto your teeth to activate the gel.

Before you know it, you have a dazzling smile that can be up to eight times brighter than it was before. You can walk into our office near Cedar Park and Round Rock and leave a short while later with an amazingly bright, white smile!

At-Home Tooth Bleaching To Whiten Teeth Near Cedar Park

tooth bleaching services with an Austin dentist near Round RockWe also offer an at-home tooth bleaching system for our patients. This at-home bleaching kit is also an Opalescence product. With this process, you will put a strong teeth-whitening gel in custom-made trays and put them on your teeth for a few hours. This process can also be done overnight for your comfort.

This system is far more effective than anything you can buy over the counter or even those teeth whitening procedures you can get at the mall.

Whiten Your Teeth for Charity!

Dr. Scaff is a proud participant of the Smiles for Life campaign, which donates one hundred percent of the proceeds from teeth whitening procedures to children’s charities. From March to June, you can come in to have your teeth whitened and help needy children at the same time!

For more information on this incredible program, check out the Smiles for Life page on our site!

Give us a call and see how we can whiten teeth to create a smile you’ll be proud of in the Cedar Park, Round Rock, Austin, and surrounding areas!